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Subject: NEW: ballet-modern-dance list

To: Multiple recipients of list NEW-LIST

ballet-modern-dance on

Ballet-Modern-Dance Mailing List

The purpose of this mailing list ("List") is to provide a means of

access to the "alt.arts.ballet" newsgroup for those people who are

unable to access "alt.arts.ballet" directly (e.g. via a news reader

program at their site, via gopher, via telnet, etc.).

Posts to this List will be forwarded to (and posted on) the

"alt.arts.ballet" newsgroup.

If you are unable to access "alt.arts.ballet" directly, posts to the

"alt.arts.ballet" newsgroup will be forwarded to you either manually

or via this List.

In light of the fact that (1) the vast majority of "alt.arts.ballet"

members prefer the newsgroup format for a forum and (2) a large

number of people expressly have asked that they not be subscribed to

a ballet/ modern mailing list, (A) this List presently is intended

(primarily) to provide access to "alt.arts.ballet" to those who are

unable access "alt.arts.ballet" directly (until these people are able

to obtain more direct access to the newsgroup), and (B) there will be

no direct/automatic gateway(s) from/to this List.

HOWEVER, anyone who very strongly prefers to post to (and to receive

posts from) "alt.arts.ballet" via this List will be accomodated.

Also, if it turns out that there is a large number of people who

cannot obtain direct access to "alt.arts.ballet" * OR * if the clear

preference of the "alt.arts.ballet" membership is to retain (and/or

expand) the use of this List, I, of course, would be happy to

accomodate such needs or preferences (down the road).

To subscribe to this List, e-mail to and include

the following command (in the body of your e-mail message):

subscribe ballet-modern-dance

If you have any questions or suggestions ... and/or ... if you need

any assistance with access to "alt.arts.ballet", please feel free to

contact the owner directly by e-mail.

Owner: Eliot


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